Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XLII

The acolytes and apostles of “openness” (AoA) are not only happy, happy, happy…They are ecstatic. (If you haven’t been thinking of AoA who are ecstatic and widely broadcasting their ecstasy, you haven’t been thinking of the same ones as Itwethey.)

Itwethey is irritated by AoA ecstasy, but is the irritation justified? Itwethey needs to know. Itwethey’s irritation is based on some feeling of AoA ecstasy being fake. If AoA ecstasy is fake, Itwethey’s irritation is justified, because more than anything, AoA ecstasy is presented as the token of authenticity. AoA ecstasy is presented as the token of authenticity and self-sufficient joy—unconditioned and unconditional joy--completeness. As completeness, ecstasy lacks for nothing (the AoA, as ecstatic, would by implication also lack for nothing) The ecstasy is complete spiritually, physically, and materially (or in any other category Itwethey may, through Itwetheyian incompleteness, have omitted.) If this ecstasy rings hollow, its incompleteness is for Itwethey an aggravation (insufficient self-sufficiency? "Which is it," asks Itwethey.)

About AoA ecstasy Itwethey has this to say,

AoA openness means open to experience. (This isn’t as obvious as it may seem.) The idea of being open to experience might seem to mean openness to any and all experience. It doesn’t, though. It means being open to ecstatic experience. Ecstasy is the experience. This ecstatic experience is thought to be the token of the experience of the experience of all and any and every experience. It is thought if you were to open to every experience, all the experiences of time and space, the experience you’d experience would be ecstasy. It is as if the sum of all experience finitely experienced, is ecstasy. Note that as the sum of all experience, the ecstasy is a complete experience—obviously a kind of peak experience, a summit, the apex of a pyramid. (Why is it so natural to make a peak or summit symbolic of completeness? Because the peak is atop all of the rest? Like a crown, a monarch, a King or Queen? This doesn’t make much sense outside the nonsensical conventions arising in human history.)


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