Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Umbrellas Unopent in Tempests, Part XLIII

“We can’t exactly volunteer to make the world, or ourselves, beautiful,” says Itwethey. “We are now either beautiful or not-- We become beautiful, or we don’t.” Beauty, Itwethey believes, is inviting. Itwethey wishes to be inviting: Itwethey may therefore have an interest in beauty…. In inviting beauty and being inviting by being beautiful.

To become attractive—this is not Itwethey’s ambition. It has only just occurred to Itwethey that his acts of preparation could be interpreted in that way. Hospitality is not seduction. Itwethey does not wish and will not rely on lure or allure. Itwethey will not hook Guest, nor be for Guest a hooker (gigolo?) “It isn’t about hooking LOVE,” Itwethey says. “It isn’t about using beauty (or anything else) as bait.” Itwethey pauses, “We’ll leave that to God.” Itwethey pauses, further, grimaces slightly, and adds, “His priests have not hesitated to use charity as bait, nor to make His house of worship into giant fish traps.” (Itwethey has not yet spoken of charity in relation to consideration for the moment of encounter, but this is on the agenda—it is upcoming.)

Itwethey’s own Hope has been fished up by Guest’s beauty—has been invited by it (but not quite welcomed by it, at least so far.) Itwethey has used the forest’s beauty all along. The humble stoop, ugly and hunched, serves its purpose and amidst the foliage and flowers of the forest is the last thing to draw attention to itself (unless it should collapse.) Itwethey admits, however, "It isn’t entirely pleasurable when Hope is fished up…It is bittersweet, there is the tang of hurt mixed in with the anticipation." Itwethey would say, “If you LOVE me let me know, if you don’t then just say so—so I can go kill myself.” But really, Itwethey already knows the expectation of something in return for hospitality is a blemish in advance of the hospitality.

The beautiful as a consideration in preparation for the moment of encounter thus has a downright peculiar status, and perhaps no role to play at all.


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